Manmori Spirit

” The wooden weapons manufacturing as an extension of Budo practice “

Since it was founded in 1998, the Manmori company (formerly Salignebokken) has wanted to free itself as much as possible from machine tools and return to the essence of Japanese wood sword making, handcrafting. With the help of planers of different shapes, spokeshaves and wood chisels, Bernard Saligné shapes each weapon to give it the ideal balance, to adjust its curvature, to improve its grip and thus satisfy the requirements of the different sword schools.
Few wooden weapons leave the workshop each week, which is why Manmori is more oriented towards selling to private individuals; but the artisanal method of manufacture allows us to make weapons in rare and precious European woods such as service tree, boxwood, olive tree, sorted and selected by the manufacturer himself.
Bernard Saligné has been making wooden weapons for Aikido, Katori Shinto Ryu, Kendo and other Japanese sword schools since 1998. He is considered one of the major figures in Europe in this craft. The bokken and jo offered on this site represent all of Bernard Saligné’s know-how, acquired both in front of the workbench, making more than 12,000 wooden weapons, but also thanks to his practice of Budo.

Bernard Saligné

Manufacturer of Bokken , Jo, and related wooden weapons since 1998