Hand made Bokken & Jo

Bokken & Jo made out of Service Tree wood

MANMORI-High Quality Bokken & Jo

Bokken & Jo handmade from true Service tree wood

Made to order

A rare, precious wood, highly sought after for its density, hardness and its fine-grain wood. A harmonious color palette ranging from light brown to dark red brown. The true Service tree, this exceptional French wood is exclusively worked by hand by Bernard Saligné for the realization of high quality wooden weapons.

Different types and sizes of hand planes are used to make a single wooden weapon. On the pommel and the tip of the bokken, the work of the craftsman with wood chisels gives a unique cachet to the weapons.
All models of Bokken, Shoto, Tanto can be made to order in this beautiful timber and are available in two qualities.


COR-T Quality

Default quality of all weapons. It corresponds to Service Tree wood selected in sawmills by Bernard Saligné and matching all the technical criteria for the use in Martial Arts: high impact resistance, hardness, high dentity and fine grain.
Density 0.85 to 0.90 (850 to 900 kg per cubic meter). Color is not a distinguishing feature but the timber is generally lighter than that of COR-S quality

COR-S Quality

The defining characteristics of COR-S are its higher density and hardness (density: 0.90 to 0.95) and its special hand-cut finish. Bokken and Jo are handcrafted without the use of sandpaper,only with planes and spokshaves, as Japanese craftsmen used to do in the past, providing a unique feeling.