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” This Katori Shinto ryu bokken ( or bokuto ) is made of European beech wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. This wood has a high impact strenght resistence, and a light weight.
As any other wooden weapons of Manmori this bokken is manufactured at our workshop in the Perigord France, using traditional techniques.

The Katori bokken has a short and thick blade that ends with a beveled tip, and a slight curvature. Due to its particular shape it is usualy used only by the practitioners of the “Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu ” sword school. But it can also be used for a personnal practice to experiment with new sensations.
The Katori bokken has a high power-to-weight ratio since its long handle combined with a short and thick blade allows a significant energy transfer.


⇒ Engrave this bokken

Japanese inscriptions on Bokken, Jo and Tanto are completely handmade with pirography. Inscriptions are oriented vertically.

On Bokken, Shoto and Tanto, they are made on the blade just before the handle (tsuka) and oriented from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. On Jo and Hambo they are made at the center.

We can engrave your name and/or firstname in katakana, or some martial or spiritual concept in kanji.
Select your option and write your inscription in the field “inscription to engrave”.

⇒ Add a wooden tsuba

The Manmori wooden guard (tsuba) is made out of european beech.

Since our wooden tsuba is made to order it is only available to accompany Manmori bokken but is not sold separately.

This tsuba sits between two rubber grip rings , supplied with the tsuba.



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